Guangzhou BRT site visit and training program
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Typical half-day program

8.45-9.15am Gather on Gangding BRT station main bridge.
Gangding BRT station has 9,000 passenger alightings per hour at this station during the morning peak.
Note various design features, location relative to intersection, distribution of waiting passengers inside the station, substops and overaking lanes, allocation of routes to substops, station operation, aspects of station design, sliding doors, fare collection and ITS elements, etc.
9.15-9.45am Huajing Xincheng BRT station and integrated bike sharing.
Briefing on the bike sharing system, implemented as part of the BRT system in 2010.
Ride to Xueyuan BRT station with bike sharing system bikes, along segregated bike lanes implemented as part of the BRT project.
9.45-10.30am Tangxia BRT station and urban village, walking to Tangdong BRT station.
Huge passenger demand at Tangxia station, with more than 8,500 boarding passengers per hour during the morning peak.
See BRT corridor access & station area improvements at Tangdong.
Note hHigh density modern development on opposite side of the corridor, at Junjing Huayuan.
10.40-11.00am Dongpu BRT station.
At-grade access at both ends, and observe innovative intersection design combined with station access.
Observe the direct service BRT routes, from a nearby rooftop. Direct service routes enter and leave the corridor in all directions from this station.
11.20am-12.00pm Shipaiqiao BRT station. See BRT-metro-mall connection.
Liuyuan Xiaoqu neighborhood (photos)
12.00pm Lunch